Volvo XC90 Launch

8th September 2015:  The new Volvo XC90 takes centre stage in Bahrain for the first time.  The dealership is Motor City, which is part of the E K Kanoo empire, but this event didn’t take place in their showroom, oh no!  This was a splendid affair at the Royal Golf Club in Bahrain.  A few enthusiast speeches by the Management and Volvo representatives was followed by the unveiling and then in true Swedish style, a rather irresistible Smorgasbord spread was made available across all restaurants in the club.


As for the car itself – well it is a Volvo, but the characteristic shape of the decades old reliable horse we all know and love has changed somewhat and the new style and lines are deceptively gorgeous.  Strength and safety precedes anything Volvo and this new vehicle is no exception.  It is so loaded with automatic features, it drives itself.  This is demonstrated in Volvo’s corporate video whereby a driver is actually making notes while talking on a mobile phone (God forbid) while the car hurtles along a busy town thoroughfare.

Price wise, it seems the Volvo XC90 has come of age and is now nudging up into the luxury bracket in competition with Lexus, BMW, Mercedes and the like.