What a happy and indeed ‘nice person’ Lara Daskalou is, not to mention extremely talented. Hopefully after this video article she will be a ‘world-wide celebrity’. (Sit down at the back!).  There is no mistaking Lara’s paintings (and paintings they are -not drawings) which have a knack of pulling the viewer right in.   So how did Lara Daskalou end up in Bahrain at the Cultural Complex exhibiting her works?   Blame that on the new German Ambassador; Alfred Simms-Protz whose only been in Bahrain a dog-watch, but already out there and kudos too; doing stuff like this, he has to be commended.

Don’t ask how many languages Ambassador Alfred speaks because it is so many even he’s forgotten.  Listening to him speak English, British would think he was English.  Well he certainly has the excellent sense of English humour – but alas, he is German and such a nice, down to earth fellow at that. However, this video is not so much about him, although as we state, he is the catalyst and we all want more from the man.

As for Lara, well go to her web site and see what else the lady gets up to.  Lara doesn’t have much of German accent either except for a few dyslexic phrases when speaking English, but to learn more about her, watch the video; ‘YOU VILL ENJOY IT’.  Comment about her art by all means, Lara is a very competent and confident young lady of 23 years only.