(November 2014- Bahrain) Lulu Hypermarket in Hidd, which is located in the North of Bahrain, often stirs up a storm with their various promotions. This time; ‘Discover America week’.   Sometimes they go all out, and decorate the entire store, such as they did with the 2014 ‘Great British Week’. Again now, it is an American festival with not only some 2,500 different American products on specials, but muscle trucks and Mustangs (The car that is, not a herd of horse running around the shop).

 The American Ambassador to Bahrain Mr. William Roebuck was guest of honour, (British spelling) along with other dignitaries, all made very welcome by Regional Director Mr. Juzer Rupawalla and his executive staff.  The American Women’s Association were very prominent throughout the proceedings too.  The AWA are quite an active bunch of … um .. er… charitable activists, often out raising dosh for various needs.  This time though, it was putting on a show as such and one assumes the content of which was decided from the title of the promotion, hence we heard about pilgrims and ‘Oh look, what is that, it looks like land and big at that’, with their little bit of a  catch-up history lesson – much of it to song.  The other discovery is that the British have been singing the wrong words to ‘God Save The Queen’ all these years.  Who’d have thought?