Normally, we media types get to go places (sometimes, not so often these days) and report or document the trip or function and so on. In this case though, it is the other way around. The Bahrain Economic Development

Board invited Malaysian Journalists to come to Bahrain and report on investment opportunities on the Island.  They certainly came and the Malaysian Ambassador Dato’ Ahmad surely gave them a glowing report as he is Bahrain’s number one fan by the sound of it.  Along with the media came representatives from the Educational Establishment Malaysia.  Private and Public Universities were touting for business across the Middle East and Asia hoping to encourage students to study in Malaysia.

So what has all this got to do with the Ambassador?  Well a very jolly fellow he is and he invited all concerned and a good few others to his residence for a farewell dinner and to tie up any last items.  Entertainment was a little bizarre to say the least as we had the Ambassador himself singing Karaoke in his living room.  (He’s not bad actually). One assumes this is a very big thing in Malaysia as many wanted to have a go but is not sure what key the Malaysians prefer to sing in when singing along to some of the songs.