It looks a bit like a grown up Rav 4 on steroids but still not as butch as the Land Cruiser.  Yes, you may be forgiven for being slightly confused regarding the Toyota range of


4 X 4s these days, unless you are a Toyota geek that is. The new 2016 Fortuner is perky with a fit look. This is going to do well for sure and according to Ismail Akbar, General Manager at Toyota (EK Kanoo), he has sold the entire first shipment of nearly 300 cars before they even hit the showroom.  The price is going to grab a good few too.  Starting around BD 10,000 ($26,000) going up to BD 14 or 15,000 ($39,000), that is pretty attractive for a Toyota in Bahrain, which is Toyota country after all.

As for the car/SUV………………… Never sure exactly if the wheel base on either the Fortuner, Forrunner, FJ Cruiser, they all look as if it should be wider. These models always look like they are high and narrow as opposed to the low down road hog.  Obviously designed that way and the Fortuner is good to go off road no problems – of course!  The Land Cruiser, nor the little Rav 4 look high do they?
Visibility all round this time, which is better than before and a whopping difference in the two engine size availability.  It is all well packed in.   Inside has an elegance about it, nothing looks cheap which is good.  All in all, if your neighbour has bad eye sight, you can say you have a new Land Cruiser because no mistake about it, the new Toyota Fortuner  is definitely of the family.