Desirable car with dedicated following it would seem and definitely an acquired taste having a shape like that.  In some countries (Saudi for example) there are sort of independent companies dedicated to selling Infiniti cars only, so there must be a decent market for them.  Actually, the vibe is more of a cult it would seem as Infiniti is up in the luxury end of the pack and not cheap.  Like the Infiniti’s rivals, they go on forever and don’t expect to find a ‘low price’ second hand job because even 5 years old, the asking price can be upwards of BD10,000 (around $27,000) which is not pocket money for the average mass visiting shopping malls. 

Which brings us to the bizarre side of the marketing ploy,  Launching cars in shopping malls is not Whodoeswhat.tv’s favourite idea or indeed method of exposure whatever the vehicle, but that is more personal requirements than a marketing duffer as such.  Obviously our very good friends at YK Almoeyyed & Sons and their associated advertising agency TWBA must benefit from it since it has been the way they do it for several different brands recently – and higher end brands at that. . From a video perspective it is just messy, often very bad lighting (as in Saar Mall or when they dim the lights for some sort of effect) and not exclusive enough for the purpose of a decent report, although each dealer always offers us the opportunity to view and do whatever we want with the car for a day or two if need be. Great, but we miss the vibe if we do and the ribbon bit and certainly have a problem juggling time to do it.  But yes, it would be fab fun if we could afford to do it.

Staying off the car details for the moment; to be fair (when media charge and the positioning fight is a rut) broadcast video cameras need space and privilege and a whole lot more post production than a quick push with a DSLR and a few clicks (always millions more than would seem usable). Then dealing with a general public crowd who are absolutely and thoroughly oblivious to any media present or their requirements, except some fun loving Bahrainis (and there are many) who just love to pose.  So this time, Whodoeswhat.tv didn’t enter into the melee, instead posted a couple of cameras to get the essence and let the boys – who had obviously rehearsed their debut – get on with it in rather sing-song fashion.  Did it work?  Was the launch car surrounded by potential customers – who knows, you judge.  Most of the relevant details are in video and if you need more, then coverage is a plenty on line.