November 17th 2016: This club is on overdrive. Launched in the summer of 2016, here we are heading into December and Rifat Alghawi (President and Founder of the club) is putting it about a bit. He’s active to say the least, setting up various Maserati associations and holding Maserati Club functions to spread the word.  This year Bahrain saw the arrival of a

new Italian Ambassador to Bahrain; H.E. Domenico Ballato and what better way to familiarize him with Italian prowess on display around Bahrain, than have a dinner to welcome him. That is what this is.  It was held at the businessman’s/ladies hi-fi club, called The Capital Club, which is around 52 floors high in one of the twin towers of the Bahrain Financial Harbour.

From this full video version of the event, you can see Rifat doing his introduction, then Ambassador Ballato says a few words, admitting that he as yet doesn’t own a Maserati, but it was obvious from his tone that he certainly wouldn’t mind having one. Wouldn’t we all? Especially the SUV – nice!

Most of the guests are Maserati owners and that includes the Undersecretary For Foreign Affairs H.E. Dr. Sheikh Abdulla Bin Ahmed Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa (Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Other notable dignatories spotted were a number of other ambassadors, plus a few Scorpios having their birthday this day. How odd, 3 people in a smallish room just happen to have their birthdays on November 17th.  It makes one wonder what exactly was happening about 9 months ago to the day.  Well check…..  if any of their kids are called Maserati, then we know for sure don’t we!