May 2017: Oh you noticed? Yes, the ‘Day of Portugal’ or the Portuguese National Day falls on June 9th every year, but like a lot of other country national day celebrations in Bahrain, a good few moved the gig forward to beat the start of Ramadan this year, which is expected to start around May 26th.

The Portuguese community in Bahrain is pretty small and the nearest Embassy is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, leaving only a very limited consulate on the Island. Not to miss the opportunity, Benediçta Budagher and her husband Ameen go out of their way to give the Portuguese a little flavour each year, by holding a commemorative get together.

This National Day celebration is a bit different.  For a start it is more cozy than the big Embassy gatherings and held in more intimate surroundings, yet many of the same Officials and Ambassadors partake. Again this year, it was held at the Royal Golf Club in Riffa, who must be noted for a rather splendid spread.