May 2017: Another one bites the dust – meaning yet another year has flown by and the Russians are at it again. This time, they are being blamed for ‘Celebrating’ and don’t we just love it. As with several other country National Day celebrations, many decided to do the honours a little early this year because as in the case of Russia – June 12th (Russia Day itself) falls in the middle of Ramadan. Not that this would deter many, but celebrating the way the Russians do, doesn’t fit so well during the ‘Holy Month’ as it is termed in the Islamic world.

Do the Russians throw a good party? They certainly do, especially if you stay long enough. As per usual the Ambassador H.E. Vagif Garaev gave a quick welcome, preferring not to make long speeches, as with his more down to earth approach; ‘We are here to celebrate, not stand silent listening to me going on and on’.  Good philosophy, plus he prefers to speak in Arabic rather than English at these local events.

A promotional Russian tourism film was shown just before the cake cutting ceremony and after that, it was all social and wine and dine.  VERY NICE INDEED! The Russians in Bahrain are a very good crowd.