October 25th 2017: It was a paying job, filming a cleaning company ‘Cleantec’ who we’ve built a good relationship with since the Gulf Industry Fair exhibitions. Their job, cleaning the outside of the Majestic Arjaan Rotana. Until this day, we’ve never been inside the building, never mind the rather cool, delectable apartments. The location of this hotel/apartments is in the Busaiteen area of Muharrak Island in Bahrain, right next to the large King Hamad Hospital and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland University. (RCSI) Obviously a strategic business move, building a hotel/apartment unit right there. It is not a small building either. Actually, it is the back of the hotel one sees from the highway and access roads, which is not very flattering when all is said and done.  But once you get inside, it is a very different story.

So what’s that got to do with Think Pink or Pink Day in this case?  As we walked through the lobby, the Financial Controller Issa Zaki Kashish, a very pleasant Syrian gent, inquired as to our well being as we lugged camera kit around looking for the mountain climbers. He really is a very nice man for a Financial Controller, as we like most, never get on so well with the money guys (smile). We got chatting as we waited for rigging to be rigged. He offered us coffee and we sat and chatted. Next he introduced us to the General Manager Raiz Saban, a well heeled hotelier from Sri Lanka (He is half Malaysian actually). Considering we were absolutely nothing to do with the hotel and more of an inconvenience to them, as they were unaware that we were there to film, they made us extremely welcome. Things progressed and we were offered a guided tour of the suites and rooms. Without a word, we spotted this ‘Pink’ sign and staff peddling (as in bike) their hearts out to raise money for cancer.
Well, Who Does What tv have several charity videos on the site and some cancer with more due any time. As a gesture, we offered to film said effort. Nobody asked us to, nobody sought crocodile publicity, this is something the hotel does every year and no media for miles. A wonderful gesture and something that supports.