Oct: 2017:  ‘Xi Jinping The Governance of China.’ The 19th Chinese Communists Party Conference has just finished and President Xi Jinping promoted to some height of heights but not quite ‘Chairman’ as we in the west might assume. They don’t come more popular it would seem and he is definitely riding very high as it appears the gentleman cannot put a foot wrong right now.  In the  ‘Peoples Republic of China’. his words resonate throughout and indeed recited as a creed or gospel like as our understanding of the way the Chinese think or let’s say work or worship.

Well this book is Xi Jinping’s speeches and sayings are from the 18th Chinese Communist Party Conference and we WILL learn that it is: “Communism (Marxism) with Chinese Characteristics.”  Remember that phrase as we are surely going to be preached it for the next decade or so. Then we wait another five years to see in print what new mantra, if any deviated from the current.  Unlikely in principle, but let’s see, as China is so-called opening up.

The book has been translated into English and Arabic with the obvious assumption that we folk will read it. You can’t wait can you? Guess what, we are up to page 120 already. To say the least, one is not actually sure that the book was compiled to be read when all is said and done, being rather more of a explanation of the instilled doctrine or mindset and constantly uttered command to the Chinese people.  To party members, nothing could be more perfect with its constant repetitive drilling – and we might expect the label; ‘Xi’s Rather Large White Book’ to become the de facto word from now on with Chairman Mao’s ‘Little Red Book’ confined to the ‘Revolution’ as was.

Pleasantly and positive; one thing made absolutely clear is that the Chinese (one assumes in their and its entirety) are changing. They definitely are! From peasant characteristics just 20 years ago, to probably the most modern and dynamic country in parts, the world has seen.   It is the big opening up of China and the Chinese to be more understanding, more friendly, more engaging, more language friendly internationally and so on.  Not to each other one might feel, but indicative of the Chinese advance around the world to present and cement a more acceptable face. After all, this advance is well and truly established nowadays, with huge infrastructure assets gifted to so many countries. Who is going to refuse that? We must assume as well that with this ‘opening up’, Chinese all over the world will integrate more and smile and the old notion of a ‘China Town’ in every city a thing of the past.  Who knows?