OCT: 2017.  Passover Dance, or Passoverdance, whichever. It was a Chinese Cultural Week and a lot going on. The People’s Republic of China’s national day celebrations with concerts by the Macao Chinese Orchestra, which can be seen here. This was an impromptu opportunity to film them while attending the People’s Republic of China’s celebration dinner. Also on in town were shows by Passover Dance.

Not knowing what to expect, the Chinese Ambassador; H.E. Qi Zhenhong and his lovely lady wife (Mrs Ambassador) invited Who Does What to the event, assuming he was making a presentation or something. Initially we only had one camera with us to do an interview or whatever.  Suddenly the lights went out to total darkness and we mean dark – dark – dark.  Not sure which direction we were facing, thankfully the spot light came on and to our pleasant surprise, it was the dance you see here.

With only one cameraman, we tried to follow as best we could. The big question is: What will you make of it?  It is pretty abstract to say the least.
Better than explaining it here, watch the video and allow Pewan Chow, the Artistic Director to explain as you enjoy.
Passoverdance are based in Hong Kong.