Dec. 2017: So you like Chinese, Japanese and a bit of Thai every now and again? Have you tried Korean Food? Who Does What dot TV had never knowingly. Bahrain has seen rather a lot of Korean activity as of the time of this video, with National Day celebrations and an ongoing film festival, so a food festival seemed like a good idea.

This is the the ‘Taste of Korea’, which basically sampled the various Korean food available in Bahrain, with each restaurant outlet putting up stands. Obviously, the hotel put up the main buffet, Korean style and it literally went down very very well indeed.

OK, the jokes role, but there were no dog dishes on the menu and no mention of. Korean food is sort of similar to both Japanese and Chinese if all is said and done, somewhere in the middle and quite sophisticated. What is nice though is the massive range of instant ideas they produce. Love that! There are some views of it in the video.

Getting down to the report. Who Does what was expecting a rather serious food tasting evening, rather than a street like sample. it turned out to be very heavily over subscribed with what seemed to be a thousand or so school age who showed no shame in thoroughly enjoying themselves and extremely noisy at that. As part of the entertainment, a talent contest of sorts had been arranged (unbeknownst to Who Does What dot TV. But forgiving the sound, we just recorded some of the fun.) ‘You could be a star’ was the billing, a sort of Bahrain’s got talent’ display.

A lot of screaming and huge enjoyment as the rather large audience lapped up every minute of this jamboree. The food was pretty tasty too, judging by the empty chafing dishes and chefs off their feet trying to keep them topped up.