Gulf Air’s ‘FIRST’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner lands at Bahrain International Airport

27th April 2018 – 1500: As scheduled apparently; Gulf Air’s ‘FIRST’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner lands at Bahrain International Airport. We got news of this, not from the sources we should have received the heads up to cover it, but from insiders. Obviously, we were not alone. No sooner had we shot this little bit, other clips were already half viral around the world.

This is the in-service model. dashed out, but not sure which end of the runway it would land. Taking a quick shoofty at the wind, we guessed right. As we neared, it was already on finals. A couple of enthusiasts were also standing around the airport’s perimeter and we asked why they were waiting. Duh! Just then, out of the blue came the 787, so managed to switch on the cameras and grab a bit. Of course the day was so bright, we couldn’t see a damn thing. So not exactly Spielberg, but at least we got a shot.  Actually the stills are quite stunning. Have to say; it tops what we’ve seen from the GDN itself who seem to have obtained a shot through the glass at the arrival gate. Better than nothing!

As mentioned, we didn’t receive any PR release pertaining to this event, nor from our brothers and sisters at the GDN for which we string content (GDN On-line). One would have thought that there would have been some sort of reception notification about this arrival, as it is quite a big story for Gulf Air. They’ve been living on steam for a good few years and the upgrade is desperately looked forward to. We could not see the proverbial welcome water cannon arches, but we saw the fire trucks leaving.
If time permits, we will post better, a more detailed video edit, but for now savour this.