Capital Club Bahrain Media Gabgah 2018

It is Ramadan and time for the gabgahs. For a start, Who Does rarely if ever take cameras to a Gabgah, since it is the antipathy of the gesture really, but none-the-less read on, because if there is no commercial gain then why not highlight those who appreciate us and actually show it with all their heart? The Capital Club Bahrain Media Gabgah 2018 is just one of what will be thousands going on around this tiny little Island which many love so much. Here, the first day of Ramadan, the Capital Club thank the media.

if you live in what is considered a Muslim country then Ramadan is big news and very important. Living in the Middle East for Muslims is perfect really they could not have chosen a better place because this is how it goes down. Ramadan being one of the ‘pillars of Islam’ insists on fasting during daylight hours as we all know. In Bahrain, day is much the same as night in length, so it is all pretty convenient actually. However, not being able to eat during daylight hours can be one hell of a challenge if you live in say Norway this time of year – the land of the midnight sun.

Now what is the significance of that little statement. Well if one is 50 odd floors up in a tower such as the Capital Club Bahrain, then sunset is slightly later than it is at ground level. So it is probably a good 7 or 8 minutes later if one is sitting atop the Dubai Burg Khalifa. Just a thought! Geometrically work it out and let us know at

Talking of sunset, it is time to replenish and various companies and even well-to-do individuals hold Gabgahs late into the evening. It is a way of extending friendship and more importantly recognizing loyalty or service. This is what the Capital Club Bahrain is doing; holding Gabgahs for organizations who patronize the club, or in the case of the media, give it whacks of publicity such as

One has to say, that the Capital Club is very pro-active in their quest to connect. Many many many many many (ok stop now) a PR egotist (and they are a plague) in some of these self appointed ‘high falutin’ companies could learn an awful lot from the way the Capital Club operates.

Back to earth and one is never sure if the teachings recommend stuffing oneself during these dark hours in order to sustain a long day without water or food. Perhaps not, since the original idea might just be to abstain a little and clean the body. Not so easy to do when hospitality is as rich as this. It was a very pleasant night with all the media guys (in 2018 that means girls too) we all know and see every day almost. We all get on extremely well actually, but that maybe because we are all restricted to the ‘nice things’ about Bahrain and perpetuate it. However, there is nothing adverse about this little escapade, it was lovely.  The people are lovely, the place is first class and Who Does is happy to give them a little thumbs up.  Plus of course there is more to come from this establishment – hopefully lots more interesting content. A small cog in a an ever burgeoning machine.