Gulf Daily News 40 Year anniversary GDN

June 2018. Gulf Daily News 40 Year anniversary GDN as we all know it.  Here is a little ditty that we did for Instagram to promote a rather stunning, very fat and heavy book depicting the history of Bahrain over the past 40 years, to commemorate 40 years of the Gulf Daily News on this little island. Whodoeswhat is producing a series of videos, each detailing different comments and aspects; here is just one.

The 200 plus page book is a bit of a stormer for those into collecting historical facts. Very nicely done by the dedicated staff.  We cannot name them, but one is the Sales Director called Allison Lillywhite and the other is the Creative Director Andrea (Mr. Bigg) who worked their bits off getting this out.

This little ditty went locally viral almost instantly.  Ok, it is not world-wide, but on a small island it certainly kicked some botty.

Have to say;  The book is quite stunning and it is absolutely FREE with your copy of the Gulf Daily News (including online subscriptions, so how you get it world wide is another story, but many will want it).