Mobilia Uno Furniture Art for Cancer

June 29th 2018:  Mobilia uno, is an expanding furniture and accessories shop in Bahrain, so what has that got to do with an art exhibition?  The title here; ‘Mobilia Uno Furniture Art for Cancer’ should give it away but still, the media did not really know what to expect. After all, any publicity is good publicity, however it might be achieved and until we got there, we were none the wiser as the big ‘C’ had not been previously mentioned.

The idea was to donate to the Bahrain Cancer Society 20% of the proceeds taken during the event.  So anything sold at that time could have made a tidy packet for them, because some of the items on display were really first class indeed.

Being frank, there are so many art expos of sorts in Bahrain these days it is hard to keep up, plus not all of them so worthy. Then again, it is in the eye of the beholder of course, so the more the merrier. “” actually knew nothing about this classy little exhibition of sorts until Sheikh Rashid gave us the nod so to speak. Even that was only in passing, or if you like sitting, enjoying a cup of tea with said gentleman of gentlemen. Well he is the Honorary President of the Bahrain Arts Society for his love of art and indeed self honed skills as a painter of immense talent himself; that is between being the Undersecretary at the Immigration, Passports and Nationality division of the Ministry of Interior in Bahrain. Whenever art is mentioned in Bahrain, Sheikh Rashid is never far away and it is the desire of every organizer to have him attend. ‘See you tomorrow afternoon’ he said. Hello, what!  So if one benefits from this little report, Mobilia uno has Sheikh Rashid to thank, otherwise World Cup it was and nothing to drag us away.

Again, this ‘Mobilia uno’ event certainly attracted some very worthy talent indeed and it was a welcome surprise. It was not only paintings on display, but some recycled furniture that had been given an artistic makeover.  In fact the whole theme was setting to canvas a piece that matched the furniture in the store, basically exposing the artist while hopefully making some money for cancer…….  and the store.