Women in the Workplace – C5 Nebula Discussion Bahrain

Sept. 2018: These are the highlights only from a 2 hour debate. Always topical and the frequent subject of many a conference or debate these days where it appears that the same elements are discussed over and over.  ‘Women in the Workplace – C5 Nebula Discussion Bahrain’ is but one more. The overall question is whether it actually achieves results or not, or in the case of Bahrain, is there any discrimination to begin with.

From the title; ‘Women in the Workplace – C5 Nebula Discussion Bahrain’, really needs little descriptive editorial other than the company C5 Accelerate who conducted the affair.

C5 Accelerate managed to capture well-known Executive representatives from 3 major employers of women in Bahrain – a country where the issue is more cultural than discriminate. Meaning that women have the choice to work and are frequently employed without prejudice, if their traditional choice allows. The latter being far more of an issue in neighbouring countries than Bahrain, where it is not really considered an issue at all by most. Again, whether opinion, belief or policy is all positive for women, does it translate into actual employment on an equal or even greater basis?

According to their web site, C5 Accelerate is a technology investment firm developing a Cloud Accelerator Cluster in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the United States, where it has bases. The other new aspect is the ‘C5 Nebular’ which Hadyah Fathalla explains.  One function of this is to host many more events of a similar nature.

At the event was Tamkeen Chairman Sheikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa; Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism; Zayed Zayani and the C.E.O of the Bahrain Economic Development Board; Khalid Rumaihi. Each company is well known to have a very high percentage of female employees and some in executive positions. Adjudication was conducted by Executive Director (C5); Hadyah Fathalla.

Sheikh Mohammed has many caps, among them being on the board of McClaren, the Supercar which Bahrain’s government body Mumtalakat (English; assets) has a large holding. As for Tamkeen, they sponsored this event and take a very active role in many types of event which nurtures employment and business of all kinds. Tamkeen actually supports start-ups and expansions within the private sector by offering financial help.

The Economic Development Board (EDB) is out there bringing investment to Bahrain and again is a government body.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism needs little to no explanation, other than its modus operandi in Bahrain is quite different to many other countries, whereas in Bahrain it is intertwined with all businesses on a compulsory basis and actively fights the fight as such in support of ‘less bureaucracy and more business’ to the very smallest entity.  Whether Zayid Zayani referred to employment of women within the Ministry as opposed to his numerous other large business concerns was not clear.  Suffice to say that all Ministries are non discriminatory and within the Zayani Corporate empire females head up the executive portfolio.