Jumeira Royal Saray Bahrain Christmas Tree Lighting 2018

Dec. 2018: Well there’s a thing. December at least, as some hotels and stores etc. ridiculously set up Christmas Trees in November and it seems to get earlier each year as some sort of commercial incentive. Jumeira Royal Saray Bahrain Christmas Tree Lighting 2018.

This is Jumeira Royal Saray’s first Christmas in Bahrain and for many of the management it was probably their first experience of Christmas type ceremonies in Bahrain as well. These events are generally very well attended by all denominations and this was no exception.

The GM; Zeki Ozal was well pleased at the turnout if not a tad overwhelmed by the numbers. A Bahrain first for many of the managers too, so they were not prepared for the rather ‘don’t play by the rules’ behaviour.
Bahrain is incredibly cosmopolitan and kids who would not normally celebrate Christmas as done in say U.K. and U.S. (on which this is all based) see shiny balls and what they think are real presents piled up under the tree as they walk in and they go for them as well as the unattended plunger that lit the tree. A small barrier next year then….. and someone keeping a bit of order, not that anyone cared other than perhaps the media and cameraman who were waiting for the moment.
A fun happy night enjoyed by all nonetheless, including the free mulled wine and pies.

As for the choir, well these are kids from the St. Christopher School in Bahrain, well the junior section at least.  We cannot name each kid, or the teachers doing the conducting for that matter, but they will know who they are.  St Christopher School is one of the very well respected institutes in Bahrain and has a somewhat British curriculum which has turned out endless successful people.