Álvaro Garrido Michelin Chef – Mina Restaurant Bilbao – Capital Club Bahrain

November 2018: Yet one more in the series. Álvaro Garrido Michelin Chef – Mina Restaurant Bilbao – Capital Club Bahrain. With so very many cooking programmes dominating terrestrial TV in every country, one must assume that there is mega interest in getting to know Michelin Chefs around the world. The Capital Club Bahrain are doing just that; inviting Michelin Chefs to the Island to demonstrate their prowess in the kitchen and management of restaurants. Student wannabees are also encouraged to attend workshops with the chefs to live it and learn it, in the hope that Michelin restaurants might start appearing in Bahrain.

Although very Spanish, Álvaro Garrido’s menu seems to be anything but….. but but but, his ingredients are definitely Spanish when he is at home. Álvaro is not in the least bit afraid to vary his concoctions and says that he happily adapts to the region or indeed country he is in.  This is evident from his menu dished up at the Capital Club to the now discerning media who regularly attend these Michelin lunches. General Manager Sumeet Jhingan is incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to any form of entertaining interest at the club and it is obvious that he and his team go to great lengths to see these features come to fruition.

As for Michelin restaurants in Bahrain; well that is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to calling a restaurant a Michelin Star establishment. Yes, yes, as of writing, there are Michelin chef restaurants in name already in Bahrain. Wolfgang Puck (who we have interviewed a few times) for example, who has set up restaurants in 5 star hotels and so on, but…. that is the chef who is a Michelin star, not the actual establishment, despite what some hotels claim. Is that one and the same? No not really.

As for Mina in Bilbao; this is Álvaro Garrido‘s restaurant and he compares it to eating fantastic cuisine in your ‘own home’. We can only go on reviews and what the man says, but it sounds like the dishes keep on coming and coming. Not a lot of dish within the dish as such, but the flavours are magnificent. That is a common theme with Michelin chefs though.  Not so much to eat, but a lot of clever flavours, some many of us will taste only the once in your life while indulging in that specific Michelin Chef’s delights. One needs to be reminded by photograph or videos such as this, to see the dish, then remember the rather delicate but absolutely unique flavours as it hits your tongue.  Well done!

We added subtitles too! Álvaro speaks English just fine, but he does talk fast and his accent is strong and if one is not concentrating (how dare you?), then he can be a bit difficult to catch at times.