Russia Day 2019 – Bahrain

Russia Day: 12th June. Actual recording 11th June 2019. There was a closeness at this venue. Not always so apparent at some of them, but the evening was not in any way raucous, but extremely civilized and friendly. Enjoyed by all (vodka or no vodka). Typical Russian dishes served and no complaints about that. Deelish! The Diplomat Radisson Blu rarely fail.

Not actual ‘Russia Day’; but this often happens when preferred venues are not available on the day. Nonetheless, the Russians will never miss the opportunity for a gathering (vodka or no vodka… oh wait, we’ve already said that…………….).

This is the first Russia Day celebration in Bahrain for the Ambassador Igor Kremnev, who has only been at this post a few months, so for sure he now knows a good few more of the familiar faces who attend these functions. First time meeting for Who Does and a nicer chap you couldn’t wish to meet. In fact, all the Russian Embassy staff are exceptional, From the No.2 Ruslan all the way down.