Admaze Media and showing off

Summer 2019: And the iPhone rules, ‘We shall overcome’. This is what we do!
Never compromise the standard!  Easier said than done.  As it stands, professional media is rapidly becoming a dead horse.  Already, every main-stream news outlet has absolutely zero content other than regurgitating Twitter posts. Well hopefully, there will be a ‘trash peak’ and the world will once again want quality. Give it 25 years.

The standard of media continues to reach new depths of dirge as levels of professionalism are discounted more and more. Potential advertisers no longer even want to pay for news or spend for print media, while at the same time perceive paying big bucks for an online advertisement out of the question. Why, it is free! Other than Facebook or Google as first seen that is and therefore only them who make the bucks and obscene amounts at that. Content is king’ or so the adage goes, but again, capture a person falling off their bike or cat eating the budgie and suddenly a zillion views for free! It is a conundrum for the professionals, but still we plod on. Furthermore, Youtube will pay you not much more than 10 cents for having a million views, yet make a billion Dollars a second out of your creations, whether professional or pure dung.

At some stage, we all cave and say; ‘If all else fails, lower your standards”. A true artist or professional, could never go that route, so eventually art as we knew it – dies.  For now, the Main Stream media such as the BBC survive by forced revenue only – and occasionally put out extremely good stuff when not spending every waking minute promoting homosexuality or ‘Left Wing’ agenda. Take away the compulsory license fee and they are hugely in the sewer within hours.

So bottom line, the general main-stream media trembles; production houses who relied on broadcast platforms to provide content for both advertising and programming find they are still in demand but with no advertising revenue to pay for production. ‘Can you do it free’?  Purely for ego one assumes. Most can keep that up for a …………day or two maybe .. until the office rent and utilities have to be paid for and the bank account dwindles as no revenue is incoming to replace the tremendous outgoings which never let up. Let’s not even dare go to the fact that staff have to be paid.

First to go will be magazines and periodicals. Many have already bitten the dust. Whereas a magazine or a newspaper could command thousands of Dollars for a single page spread in days gone by; there’s a fat to zero chance of selling that now.

The outlook is bleak, particularly in stifled cultures where radio and television is restricted from the outset and in brutal honesty, almost nobody watches local television or listens to local radio. What there is, is nothing more than Amateur Ville horror whereby these  deluded amateurs continue plodding on, oblivious and thoroughly self absorbed in misguided ego as to their zero appeal.

Well, ADmaze Media continues on, hopefully staying a step ahead of the Kodak syndrome whereby they didn’t adapt. is ‘online’ and has been for for years, producing highly professional output with severely restricted income, against iPhone jockeys who go straight to Social Media with nothing more than pap, charging 50 bucks or less a pop. Perception used to be everything, but nobody cares anymore……….  for now anyway.