Ms. Meghan Bondy

The U.S. Embassy hosted a gathering for ladies to celebrate Ramadan and the friendship between the United States and Bahrain.

The wife of the U.S. Ambassador, Ms. Meghan Bondy, co-hosted the event with other female U.S. Embassy Section Heads to share this Ramadan tradition with friends in Bahrain.  The Ladies’ Gathering this year also celebrated Women’s History Month, during which guests shared their artistic creations about Ramadan to express the significance of the holy month to them and were also treated to some Bahraini “henna” hand designs.

In her remarks, Ms. Bondy highlighted that the Ramadan Ladies’ Gathering is a distinguished tradition that allows women to gather, to share thoughts and ideas, and to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.  She noted that the event honored the strong friendship between the United States and Bahrain, as well as both countries’ ties with the international community.  Additionally, she recognized participants’ roles in bringing positive changes to their own lives and to their communities in a wide variety of fields, including diplomacy, government, education, business, journalism, the environment, and the arts.

Female government officials, academics, journalists, exchange program participants, and businesswomen attended the event.