Within the family of the the Renault T which was awarded International truck of the year 2015.

Who’d have thought if you knew nothing about trucks? Not the sort of thing Jeremy Clarkson and co would know about either and Sir Michael Caine might well have said; ‘Not a lotta peepul know dat’.  Renault is French – isn’t it !!! Well yes it is and one always thinks of French things as having that je ne sais quoi about them and very French – catwalk capable with the added fashion, unique design and everything bouncy. (Citroen and Renault cars).  Not to mention names which sound nothing like their spelling. To the layman; surprise surprise – Renault Trucks belongs to the multi-billion Dollar AB Volvo group the Swedish company who now also own many other trucks, engines and all things mechanical.  Indeed Volvo own the Japanese UD trucks and buses (Ultimate Dependability).  A big MACK is not necessarily a burger, but a very well known heavy haulage range in the States.  Yep!  Volvo own that too.

Volvo is a sturdy non yuppie sought after brand with a reputation for longevity without the ostentatious looks.  Volvos might well attract men who wear Harris Tweed jackets and hats to bed, while sporting a neck scarf. The closest a Volvo owner gets to jewellery and glamour might be the wheel chains they dream about.  So yes, Volvo has attracted its fair share of humorous mocking, but nobody would refuse a Volvo as a gift and Volvo with its drivers laugh all the way to bank, especially when they meet other car owners having their 30,000 mile service while the Volvo is in for its 300,000 mile check-up.  The bottom line; the new Renault trucks display a bit of both.

How else does this translate to the new Renault Trucks in those layman’s terms?  Emanuela de Paula would look great in one, especially over rough ground where the bouncy comfort with a little luxury of the Renault will act like a giro on the attractive bits. With the well tested, Euro 6 (emissions) engines, the pulling power of ‘both’ is very apparent. Unfortunately and the only real drawback, with the ‘Cummings’ and goings of heavy duty construction work vehicles; the Renault trucks in Bahrain and the entire Middle East will more than likely be driven by nothing that remotely resembles Emanuela de Paula.