June 2nd is Italy’s ‘Republic Day’, the day the Italian people decided no more Kings or Queens, just plain old politicians ruling the country. ‘Della Repubblica Italiana’ should not be confused with another well celebrated National Holiday, that being

‘Liberation Day’ which takes place April 25th and marks the fall of Mussolini.  Obviously not a nice chap by all accounts.

This is the 70th anniversary as fact, otherwise the icing on the cake is wrong! As of posting, the current Italian Ambassador to Bahrain; H.E. Alberto Vicchi is awaiting his replacement, which he basically announced during his speech. Then this was the last Republic Day celebration for him in Bahrain.  Although, had a quick word and it did not sound like his departure was any time soon. As the You Tube scrawl mentions; 70 years fly by like you blink and where did it go? One year from this post, will be like yesterday, so let’s see who comes.  Good luck all!