Unless you happen to be in diplomatic cirlces, blatant celebrating as a National holiday It is not really something one sees much of if you live in say England or indeed parts of Europe. The States love their Independence Day as do many other countries and unashamedly go for it on the day,  However, in little old Bahrain, many countries are represented with ambassadors and each proudly hold National Day celebrations – as any viewer to this site can see.  Portugal does not have an

Embassy in Bahrain, but it certainly does have a Portuguese community.  Among that community is Benediçta Budagher, who is married to Bahraini; Captain Ameen Budagher former Gulf Air. Between them, they certainly like a bash and what better excuse than the Portuguese National Day.  In fact they hosted the entire event which went very well and was patronized by the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs: Sheikh Abdulla Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Ambassadors and other dignitaries, along with friends of Portugal.  Set up one of the restaurants in the Royal Golf Club with the atmosphere of a Portuguese bistro and the night was made.