Another Media invite to launch a new restaurant, this time it is ‘Furn Bistro and Bakery’ in the fairly recently established Westin Hotel at the Bahrain’s City Centre Mall.  Not a bad move when all is said and done and

a location with lots of potential.

Initially, the Westin and now Le Méridien was the Keminski but apprently things didn’t go too well between them and the owners; Dubai based Majid Al Futtaim, so a while back now out they went and in came Westin and Le Méridien as one complex, two hotels with ‘Saks Fifth Avenue‘ separating them.. One has to say, it all looks a lot busier there now. Low and behold new restaurants with one very cleverly located between the lobby of the Westin and the City Centre Mall itself. Hotel guests naturally will use Furn but also mall shoppers who no doubt like to eat at some stage if in the mall. There are numerous food outlets to favourably consider but the difference here is that Furn is actually part of the hotel so its licencing activities are considerably more liberal, which always makes the cuisine all the more enjoyable.  Hic!

It is Khaleeji fair, (It means Gulf in Arabic), so if Arab cuisine is your bag, or let’s say dish, then Furn should be right up your street and all cooked in front of you. The bakery section is a major part of the appeal and the word ‘Furn’ comes from the Arabic word for oven – ‘Forn’. You could probably be forgiven if you asked; ‘Hal yoojad fee fornak’ – ‘Is that a bun in your oven’.