Russia was NEVER colonized, but in celebration of the Federation, they do have a ‘National Day’ or at least a good excuse for a day off (putting it politely as we empty the vodka).  In Bahrain, the Russian Embassy crew are a very good bunch indeed and throw a pretty good bash.  Not unexpected from the Russians to say the least.  Here we have a rather unusual request from


the Russian Ambassador Vagif Garaev.  He specifically asked us if we could preserve his little speech for nostalgia.  So here goes.  It is highly unusual for him to make speeches in the first place and he rarely if ever makes them in English, Happily, Ambassador Garaev likes Who Does What .tv and when it was suggested he say a few words, he jumped at it. Note, he didn’t make a speech at the welcome.  On the contrary, they just cut the cake and announced; “The food is over there – the bar over there – enjoy’.  It was great!

Russian Embassies around the world can be a bit distant but that is far from the case in Bahrain. Russia seems to have been gaining ground in Bahrain just recently with royal visits and exchange visits becoming regular.. Who knows what that is all about, but there it is and we can tell you now, there is no ‘cold war’ going on with this embassy regarding anyone else.  We all get on very well indeed and a nicer bunch of guys you wont meet.