(May 9th 2017) This short seminar runs through the pros (no cons apparently) of getting your company listed with the Bahrain Bourse.  The Bourse launched just a few weeks early and Who Does What covered that. With this latest move, the goal is to attract business women in the region (and beyond) to take up the Bahrain Investment Market (BIM). In Bahrain alone, almost half the Commercial Registrations are owned by women, so it is logical to expect a high take up.

Keep in mind that the Bahrain Bourse is open to investors from around the world, there are no restrictions and everyone is welcome, providing all entry requirements are met and you have a minimum of BD 250,000 in the pot which ‘must’ suffice for at least 1 year.

For the present, individuals or companies listing, must at first allocate a registered sponsor who will do all the official paperwork and set you up and running. If you look quickly, the charges are listed on one of the slides.