May 2017.  Yet another active Taiwan promotion for the media to cover. You set ’em up, www.whodoeswhat.tv will try and cover them. Rummaging through the Who Does What web site, you will find a few reports regarding Taiwan and very little to nothing from their great neighbour. That’s the way the cookie crumbles; as the old adage goes: If you want to win the lottery, BUY A TICKET!  So if Who Does What doesn’t hear about your event or are not considered worthy to be on the invitation list, then how can we cover it? The Taiwan people never miss an opportunity, so here we are again.  This time it is the Taiwan Tourism Board (TTB) doing the rounds after a very long time visiting Bahrain.

There is a lot to offer for tourists. As described; ‘The hidden gem of Asia’ is the latest slogan it seems, but if the Taiwan Tourism Board have their way, the covers are off and a lot is being done to promote the variety on offer throughout the country. During the 80s, it was all electronics and exports – and even now, there is that priority guarantee within their industries for well-made products to cement the reputation for a ‘different Chinese goods’. Sure, they were slightly more expensive, but of much better quality. Tourism seems to have that same ideology and now the TTB want you to have a quality stay in Taiwan, no matter which part of the island you decide to visit.

Taiwan is its own people, that is for sure. They have their uniqueness compared to neighbours. As with Bahrain, among those who have lived on or visited this Island state, you’d be very hard-pressed to find anyone knocking the people. Like the people of the Island of Taiwan, they have their uniqueness compared to their neighbours and from what we’ve noticed, a keen sense of humour.