‘Blood Moon’ Bahrain – 2018

No real need to put a date, but it was July 27th 2018.  Now why on earth did we go up to the roof and bother?  ‘Blood Moon’ Bahrain – 2018.  Every, even semi enthusiast all around the world were at it, but not everyone had the view we did in the Middle East.  Apart from the heat haze and interference with ground lighting, Bahrain was an almost PERFECT spot.

Unfortunately, Who Does What is not equipped with anorak cameras which love to mate with a million dollars lens.  Quite the opposite, we are a ‘Run and Gun’ get in quick, HD set up, geared to journalism and we only have about 5 Sony TV cameras, most having a fixed lens.  But we tried!

On the Stills side, Svetlana was a bit more finicky with her shots on her preferred Canon and got some nice ones. Of course they are no match for the million Dollar NASA recordings, or indeed the anoraks that live and die for it, but she did get a worthy couple of clean shots. Other than that, we simply set up a tripod on the roof of the office and let it roll, periodically centralizing the camera as over time the moon….. or is it the Earth moves…. Or both.

Whatever you make of it, yawn as much as you like, but this is ALL BAHRAIN.  It is where some of the very best viewing platforms could be found.  We are surprised that there wasn’t an influx of enthusiasts flying in and filling the beaches.  Nobody would have stopped you. Fill your boots.