Bangladesh Independence Day 2018

26th March: ‘Bangladesh Independence Day 2018’ is like any other Bangladesh National Day and celebrated with gusto.  It is not far off the Bangladesh New Year, which is also one huge celebration and holiday in the country.  Which is the biggest celebration… well it is a very different set of fireworks if you like.

Independence Day marks one enormous extremely violent struggle that the then ‘East Pakistan’ had to endure to gain its own identity, something that is markedly very-very different from the present Pakistan.
They have about as much in common with each other as a fish does with an elephant. It really is a day to be marked and Bangladesh is big on it. While the New Year is another celebration of colours and happiness and everyone is on holiday, but the mood is sombre happiness on National Day.

So ‘Bangladesh Independence Day 2018’, but this year Bangladesh really does have something to shout about. The U.N. has effectively promoted Bangladesh towards a ‘Developed Country’ from having no standing at all.
It basically means that Bangladesh very proudly stands on its own two feet, with money in the bank and rising. Exports are up; manufacturing elements increasing at an astonishing rate; infrastructure expanding and the people’s welfare across the country improving by the day.

As the Bangladesh New Year approaches, we will witness much more to celebrate and Who Does What thinks you will be hearing a lot more about it.  In fact, there is already several other videos made about it.  Then there is a sort of ‘Trip Adviser’ video related to impressions you might have of Bangladesh should you decide to visit as a tourist.

In this video, Medi Hassan chargé d’affaires is hosting the reception because Ambassador H.E. Major General KM Mominur Rahman was out of country on other affairs at the time.