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USHA UTHUP LIVE – BIN HINDI PARTNER AWARDS 2018. Says it all really.  OK, not if you are not Asian as in Indian sub-continent perhaps, but when you think that there are far more Indians in the world than hundreds of other nations put together and they all love Usha Uthup, so the numbers are absolutely huge.  She is good though…. very good!

Singer Usha Uthup and Bollywood actress Pavleen Gujral turn up in Bahrain at a company presentation ceremony. Who would have thought? We think a gent by the name of Mahasum Shah had more than a smattering of influence here in organizing this.  Mahasum is the Group Marketing Manager.

Well this was a big surprise. Bin Hindi Informatics Division, the agent for Samsung phones in Bahrain (among other Agencies such as Kia cars etc) kicked off the mini Oscar idea in 2016. To our knowledge the 2018 awards becomes the second in the planned annual event. What Bin Hindi Informatics do is award their partner outlets with plaques and certificates and whatnots as a reward for selling Samsung digital products, such as the ‘S series’ of mobile phones. Don’t worry, no re-seller misses out. They all appear to win something. Why not? More to the point, just a good excuse to celebrate with a gala sort of event.

Bin Hindi are an old Bahraini family, but the name suggests a connection of course. So bring it on. Bollywood dancers, Bachata dancers up from Dubai and good food – and then an hour performance by the legend Usha Uthup. We feel sure she wont mind us posting this.  It is not bootleg and Usha seemingly thrives on her audiences. It was just such a surprise when she walked on stage.  Who Does What had no idea of the pending entertainment. We only went there to do a short report for the paper, taking one ENG camera and no fancy sound equipment to speak of.  (Of course Who Does What has all sorts of equipment and very capable of covering this, but we didn’t expect such a display).  Oh boy, suddenly we are presented with a dilemma, this has to be recorded somehow. Drop the planned interviews, they pale to insignificance when such a legend is on stage. Over 70 and she can still belt it out. Most enjoyable. Of course we were going to stay around for that and fans can get a good helping of HD footage of Usha Uthup live and in all her glory as a very senior citizen in 2018. Such a nice warm person too. She knows well she can sing and will happily tell you so. Undoubtedly, Usha wouldn’t go amiss singing Led Zeppelin even, since she sings in so many languages and genre.

To add to the joy for many a Bollywood fanatics, arguably glamorous Pavreen Gujral was co-hosting this predominantly ‘English language’ evening. Gujral has several Bollywood movies to her credit, the most enthralling seems to be the very recent offering entitled; ‘Oh Shit’. Well never having seen the movie, it is highly inappropriate to cast such disparaging judgement ♥.

As AbdulAziz Bin Hindi says; he had to add a bit of Arabic at the welcome at least, as it is Bahrain after all.  But everyone in Bahrain speaks English and some disgustingly well, but there was somewhat of a ever so slight Hindi slant to the evening in general. You reckon!!