‘The Republic of China -Taiwan‘: The final frontier, to boldly go where we’ve all been before – not!  Actually, members of whodoeswhat.tv have had the pleasure (if you like) of visiting Taiwan, which is a very industrious


25,100 sq kilometre island about 180 kilometres off the cost of Mainland Peoples Republic of China. Note the none too subtle difference – and as Michael Caine might say; ‘Not a lotta peopull know dat’.  Overview: Yes, an overview because what is there to say about a couple of pieces of fruit – the edible kind?  Taiwan is a sizeable Island and province of China to those uninitiated. ‘Heavens to Murgatroyd‘, let’s not go there – um…er… politically, but by all means visit physically because Taiwan is quite a nice place and if you want to tour the Island, go all the way south to hi-rise ultra modern Kaohsuing,  In fact you can do the 345 km trip from the capitol Taipei in about 96 minutes comfortably travelling at over 300 km/hr on the ‘Gaotie’. Not for the faint hearted.

Taipei itself also teems with activity and was industrialized, modernized, friendlyized, English languageized long before its giant neighbour. Yes, Taiwan boomed ahead, knocking out the now ancient 286 motherboards, processors and co-processors (bless) to all and sundry, gaining a reputation as the tech-capital of the world.  Quality was initially a perceived issue, so Taiwan upped the anti and took all competition head on, lifting the bar and delivering very reputable (builder) technology which actually rivalled the Japanese nearby.  Obviously Taiwan still does, since they make most of the world’s iPhones and if Apple is to be worshipped, then surely they would not be using a sub-standard manufacturer.

Now you are initialized and so well-informed, let’s talk about that fruit.  The Taiwan Trade mission is active in Bahrain and have just had a car launch (CMC Z7) which is covered on www.whodoeswhat.tv .  Following on in classic unrelated product, Kaohsuing fruit was the topic of a tour around Bahrain’s major supermarkets, where samples of their Jubube and Dragon Fruit, plus other delights were up for grabs.  Um…amen!                               (Now you know why we gave you a longer spiel with an insight into Taiwan).