Saatchi Gallery Penumbra Exhibition extension

October 21st. 2018: Saatchi Gallery Penumbra Exhibition extension. This is just the news report regarding the Bahrain Embassy celebration reception. Yes, it has been extended yet once more at the request of the Gallery itself. The word among the admin is that Rashid Al Khalifa The Artist has attracted an unprecedented number of visitors across the entire art spectrum.

Taking up two rooms in the gallery, casual visitors are also viewing other exhibits, but when it comes to the Penumbra rooms, the quick flick through starts to stagger as folk get to grips with what they are actually seeing.
Being present for most of the days, Who Does What.TV noticed the reactions.
Out come the cameras and thousands upon thousands of shots being taken.  OK, nothing wrong with that, but then it seems that just about every other visitor wants a photograph of them standing next to the exhibits.

So whatever one’s impression of the art, suffice to say that it WILL create an impression that one will ALWAYS remember.