China 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up

Jan 2019: Credit where credit is due. To joke; ‘The Chinese are coming out’ is a little too frivolous, because Mainland China is an enormous powerhouse, so far gentle in its maneuvering, but what next? For sure, we will not get many hits on this, if at all. No doubt any views will emanate from the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain or authorities on the Mainland where this big eagle eye is watching.  Or are they? China 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up (A painfully slow to load site – rest your case now). 40 years have flown by and immense and somewhat unexpected changes have taken place in this deceptively big country, both wealth and character wise.

On that note alone; here is a conundrum. is not political in anyway, we just put it up there. ‘Objectivity’ is a great ‘get out of jail free’ card and cloak for many an outspoken journalist. From the editors point of view, of course opinions might be detectable, but then 10 million journalists world-wide who claim to be non-partisan, unbiased, impartial and objective, not only promoted Obama to Messiah status, also voted with their feet to have this man in the white house while wholly unfairly demonizing his opponent. Question any one of them and they appear to be in full-on denial with every excuse under the sun, deeming their actions and behaviour wholly acceptable.
Since then, we have experienced this undeniable trend is partisan news, hate and indeed FAKE stories for sensation. One thing about China; that doesn’t appear to happen there. It is ALL one-sided! Yet the country receives considerably positive press by and large from the outside simply by the lack of it. Just why is that? China is a gold mine of interest,  stories and features, so much of it stunningly interesting and unique. Unfortunately, along with the stuff they want to suppress, it also stifles the few are able to venture to the bring the delights of this colossal culture to the fore. Criticism is not always negative. 40 years on, will China eventually open up enough to witness such fiascoes we now see in the US and Europe with vicious criticism ‘literally’ swamping any form of other potentially interesting news?

Another reason we see or hear ‘so nothing’ out of the unusual from China is the journalist’s work ethics.  99% cannot be bothered to go after a story if the potential for a story is suppressed in anyway in the first place.  Too much like hard work trying to leverage it out of officials. Officials might be terrified to reveal anything anyway. To say the least, ‘true scandal free investigative journalists are a dying breed. The vocation has been taken over by this now 40 year agenda oozed out by the (so called) independent London School of Journalism and its associates and the London School of economics.  Clones of clones, who some consider are the scandal itself and those indoctrinated totally oblivious to their being so.  Now does that remind you of anything in China?

So back to how many will click to read this editorial or bother the watch the video. The Chinese who make all this stuff we use daily to get online, severely restrict their own when it comes to Internet access.  This is bizarre in itself!  So in the Western World, the take-up will most likely be zero unless something weird happens. Amazingly, China is a ginormous technological jungle these days, manufacturing the very heart of almost all the boxes the rest of the world use to exercise their ‘literal’ freedoms (and even unsavoury junk such as porn if they wished and apparently this nation wishes a lot) – unrestricted to a large extent for most of us!  With almost 1.5 billion people and probably rising at an astronomical rate, in theory if the Chinese are so intrinsically gelled together as the ‘Communist Part of China with Chinese Characteristics’ suggest, then national pride would likely cause an inadvertent DOS attack on our servers with so many wanting to read all about China (overseas) at the same time. That is not going to happen! Ironically, to use just Google is near impossible in China and for sure, shifting to Hong Kong is not going to be much of a work around. Just for example, Whatsapp is such a powerful communications tool among many but try sending a picture to your friends in China and see if they receive it.  NOPE!!!  Facebook, you name it, many have never heard of it, we are told!  The Chinese state a ‘Security Risk’ and so on. Most VPNs don’t work in China either. They know how to control all that, again… they make the kit.

Saying that, the Middle East itself is notorious for restricting what we can and cannot see, but there is a realism whereby if one keeps it to themselves, we can access almost anything without too much bother, even though everything is certainly recorded. Perhaps the rest of the world should adopt that policy as there is an awful lot of incredibly vile material out there, but who is to police that? Going forward a few years, with the Chinese dominating all electronics, including 5G (well it looks that way as of writing), then just maybe the Chinese become the policeman of the Internet by in-building “watchful’ or ‘restrictive’ electronics? Imagine that! Going down the road of fear mongering, whereby suspicions arise believing the Chinese to implant secret devices within their smart phones and so on, to listen in on literally everything going on elsewhere in the world. Why would the Chinese want to hear a domestic row going down at a housing estate in Manchester? Or a couple in Houston filming themselves having sex and live streaming it over 5G to their friends next door and around the world? Donald Trump already Tweets what’s going on every few minutes.  What is there to glean?  A country would need a population of over a billion to handle all the data.  Oh wait!  China has….. Realistically, of that number, so few have foreign language skills to interpret 99% of what they acquire. Somehow, with the present Chinese ‘Communism with Chinese Characteristics‘ psyche, one would assume the major priority is still to listen in on what is going on in their own country far more than worry about others. Don’t buy Chinese 5G then?  But you will, because it will be cheaper.

Then we return to the subject matter at hand; this small reception in Bahrain, which further highlights the Chinese endeavor to squeeze open those closet doors a wee bit more. A reception no less, so what? But it has big significance.

Significant to China only? Well not really, because there is a very definite Chinese advance, particularly in projects such as Belt and Road initiatives (as termed) world wide. Spending, nay giving massive amounts to implant their own sort of Silk Routes for trade. Least developed countries are queuing up for it. Other powers watch on with considerable skepticism. You decide, read the transcripts if you can bear it.
What is it all about, politically or otherwise? Evidence would imply that translations, despite being amateur literary wise, extremely repetitive in an indoctrination sense, apply to the Chinese only. There is and has been no attempt to coerce other nations into a similar form of totalitarianism. Yet!