“Sound of Korea” girl group QUEEN – Classical Fusion Music.

April 2019: These girls are GOOD! We mean good. They go by the name of; “QUEEN”. Bit of an odd choice but in Korea, they are no doubt bigger than the Queen you and we know and love. “Sound of Korea” girl group QUEEN – Classical Fusion Music. Well, no idea why they promote themselves as they do, but it obviously has something to do with the incredible range of music they play. It is anything from hard classical to up-to-date pop.

Queen!  Well we heard some folk referring to them as ‘Queens’, which fits the bill pretty well also.

Ok, so you might not like all their renditions, but they can play and play so very well. Venessa Mae move over.
It seems that no type of music is beyond them. Yes, they even play Queen.  It would be unfair to pit one musician against the other, since each is extremely capable with their particular instruments and as far as we can tell, each is proficient with several instruments.  During this show however, each did solos and each was faultless to the ‘T’ but the violinist just blew everyone away, since she performed more highlights.  This was perfection beyond imagination, completely at one with her instrument no matter what she played and she even swirls it and the bow around like a gunslinger. Again, each were faultless and brilliant!

‘Spring of Culture’ Bahrain, is a series of concerts by a variety of artists, organised by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities each year. This one, in association with the Korean Embassy, so they dressed up in traditional clothes and went for it. We can assure you; they don’t wear such attire casually, in fact they are all rather fit attractive young ladies Gangnam Style 🙂

Lastly, we apologist for the poor quality of sound and pictures.  Who Does What.tv does not film on phones, but despite being asked not to take pictures during the show, the mobiles were out in force. The best we could do was sneak a few shots with a Canon 5D Mk 4 without making it too obvious.

Well done Korea, well done the Korean Embassy too for inviting whodoeswhat.tv, front row VIP.