GULF INDUSTRY FAIR 2014 (Highlight)

February 2014:  Gulf Industry Fair (GIF) takes place every year at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre. This video is just the teaser overview with the Prime Minister of Bahrain opening the show.  ADmaze Media were commissioned to document the entire 3 days for Trade Arabia the organisers; who are part of the Al Hilal group.  This consisted of filming each stand and hopefully getting each exhibitor to spout about their product for a minute or so – in English (generally).  Well, it went well and we got most and every single one was keen to have their say and get their piece on the GIF/Al Hilal web sites and You Tube.  However, it was not as easy as it might seem since many are camera shy, not so conversant in English or so heavily accented that it becomes difficult to understand the dialogue. In such cases a professional voice over did it for them.

The finished segments are uploaded to the GIF web site and attached to the floor plan.  When a visitor clicks on a stand, the video pops up. There is NO CHARGE to the exhibitors, Al Hilal cover all costs and do it as a PR exercise, giving their clients that memory or indeed ‘Who Does What”!   Lesson one!   Make sure you have someone on your stand who can engage the viewer and portray your products well.
2014 was the first year that Al Hilal tried this formula and it worked so well that they commissioned ADmaze Media for the 2015 fair and exhibitions.  Since then, we note that other event organizers are attempting the same formula. On the surface and the rather slick professional finish here, it all looks so easy.  That’s when the imitators come a cropper because the concept is also not an easy thing to do and is very time consuming.  It takes an army of back office editors and personnel to get this done-up and sorted. and that costs.  Expenditure is always a great prevention control.